Hanzsek AudioThe Hanzsek Audio philosophy: Offer the highest quality mastering services at the most competitive rates possible, while at the same time provide attentive, reliable service to clients. We aim to build trust and deliver excellence.Chris Hanzsek combines over three decades of studio experience with a fast and flexible array of mastering tools located in a uniquely creative work environment.Clients have the option to work "by wire" (via FTP transfer) or attend the mastering session in person.

Hanzsek Audio
Focal SM-9
Genelec 8040A
Apogee Rosetta 200
Manley SLAM digital
Apple Logic and Steinberg WaveLab platforms
Universal Audio QUAD and DUO processors
Summit, Manley, Focusrite compressors and equalizers
Mackie Onyx 1640
Summit, Focusrite, Symetrix pre-amps
AKG, Audix, Beyer, Neumann, Rode, Sennheiser, Shure microphones
Vintage unit in excellent condition with 2 ears, brain, excellent communication skills. Works well with a wide variety of individuals and styles of music.

Hanzsek AudioMastering cost is assessed using either a flat fee per song basis or calculated using an hourly rate. The flat rate is used most often for simple mastering procedures, the hourly rate will be used for less common scenarios such as projects involving extremely short or long songs, extremely varied content (compilations), mastering from stems, etc..

The flat rate includes sequencing for disc masters (if applicable), inclusion of metadata, file transfers, disc burning, and DDP file set creation.

# of Songs Price
1 song 40.00
2 songs 65.00
3 songs 85.00
4 songs 105.00
Additional songs + 20.00 each
FLAT RATE (including 2nd master output optimized for vinyl reproduction)
# of Songs Price
1 song 45.00
2 songs 75.00
3 songs 100.00
4 songs 125.00
Additional songs + 25.00 each

65.00   per hour

CD-R   3.00 each

Payment is due upon receipt of the work order (files, sequence and title info) and prior to delivery of proofs and finished materials.
Payment can be made by check (preferred), or Paypal (email address is linked to account). Email for address or account information.


Files can be sent to Hanzsek Audio using FTP - Dropbox, WeTransfer, or any common file share service is acceptable. We also have our own dedicated server space for those inclined to use an FTP utility (log-in available upon request).
An invoice will be delivered immediately to the purchaser upon receipt of mix files and sequence instructions Mix files should be in WAV or AIF format, preferably 24 bit, stereo interleaved. Mixes can also be sourced from 1/4" (15 ips) or 1/2" (15 and 30 ips) half-track analog tape. Return shipping costs will be added to the final invoice. CD and vinyl pre-master projects should submit a sequence (song order) and title list (for both disc and songs), as well as any special instructions for sequence editing. For complex sequence edits, a "guide file" may be submitted to assure correct timing of the finished master. TURN-AROUND TIME
Work is completed on a first come, first served basis. Typical turn-around time is 2-4 days after mix files and sequence instructions have been received.
All mastered files are subject to client approval. Mastered proof files or disc sequence proof files are provided in WAV or DDP 2.0 format. (DDP player provided, no installation required.) A minimum of one revision will be provided free of additional charge, should adjustments be needed.


Chris HanzsekStandard delivery of mastered files is in the form of 16 bit 44.1K WAV format. 24 bit files provided at no additional charge upon request. Additionally, delivery as a CD disc master can be made using any of three methods: 1. Physical CD master (2 shipped free to US address).
2. DDP 2.0 image file set - includes a DDP player with disc burn and file export capability 3. WAV files with gaps included in file ends - allows simple "end-to-end" sequence reassembly
For projects destined for vinyl production, a second "vinyl specific" master can be generated that will be best suited for optimum vinyl reproduction (see flat rate pricing).


Want to submit your files for mastering or need more info? Send an email or call 206-380-2641

Hanzsek Audio LOCATION
Nestled beneath tall cedars on a quiet dead end road just outside Snohomish, Washington, Hanzsek Audio is the perfect studio setting for working with full focus and creativity. The studio is just 35 minutes from Seattle and is easily accessed from major highways in the area.